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  • Day 2 of our Synchro Mentorship weekend! Our 5 qualifying teams have been inspired and motivated by World-class coach, Marilyn Langlois! Amazing opportunity for our dedicated coaches as well #onsundaysweskate #getinsync #learningfromthebest @csscblackgold @edmontonedgeint @solsticesynchro
  • Good Morning from Red Deer! We are on the ice for the Synchro mentorship weekend. World-class coach Marilyn Langlois has come from Montreal to mentor our coaches and teams as they prepare for the Canadian Championships in Calgary this February 🇨🇦 #onsaturdaysweskate #getinsync #learningfromthebest
  • In honour of our 50th Anniversary this year, Section will be flashing back through some of our favourite memories! Speaking of ISU Junior Grand Prix.... Section is so proud of the BIG list of skaters that have attended ISU Junior Grand Prix events. These two pairs did, and both went on to compete at the Junior World Championships too! Natasha Purich & Raymond Schultz in 2011 and Bryn Hoffman & Bryce Chudak in 2016. Fun fact: Natasha and Bryce have now teamed up and we hope to see them in the pairs events this year! How fun! #pairpower #Niftyniftylookwhosfifty #50andfabulous #fiftyyearsonice #fbf #50yearsonice #awalkdownmemorylane
  • Kaiya Ruiter and coach Scott Davis are in Egna, Italy ! (Coach Jeff Langdon is holding down the fort in Calgary). Kaiya is reppin’ Canada 🇨🇦 this morning in her short program at the ISU JuniorGrand Prix. Good luck, kiddo! Cheering hard from home! #proudsection
  • Are you interested in volunteering for a national event?! Join us in Edmonton, Nov 27-Dec 1, 2019 for Skate Canada Challenge. Volunteer application deadline is Oct 31. Visit our website for complete details #volunteersrock #challenge20
  • Following the Fall Invitational in Okotoks on Sunday, we stayed on the ice for some fantastic work with our pair and dance teams! 8 pairs on one rink led by Patti Hole, and 11 dance teams on the other rink receiving live and interactive feedback from a panel of officials. What a fantastic afternoon of learning and motivation! BIG thanks to all! #onsundayweskate #learningfromthebest #theroadtosectionals #pairskating #icedance