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Calgary Region STARSkate Invitational , AB Winter Games Zones 1-4 Runoffs & NWT Arctic Games Runoffs

December 6-8, 2019

Rose Bowl Synchronized Skating Invitational

December 14, 2019 Calgary, AB

2020 Mountain Regional Synchronized Skating Championships

January 24-26, 2020 Red Deer, AB


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  • In honour of our 50th Anniversary this year, Section will be flashing back through some of our favourite memories! Jamie Sale & David Pelletier... Jamie was born in Calgary, raised in Red Deer, trained in Edmonton. Eventually she partnered with Dave, and three years later they were World Champions in 2001. While they technically represented the Quebec Section at the time, we couldn’t have been more proud ❤️ ... do you recognize Jan Ullmark as their coach in one of the pics? They were the Gold Medalists at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics – a medal awarded to them after allegations arose that the pairs competition had been fixed. The scandal was the catalyst for the revamp of the scoring system to the new ISU Judging System. The pair were the epitome of dignity and class in that moment, and throughout their career. Their trademark program ‘Love Story’ was epic. Skate Canada Hall of Fame 2006 Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame 2009 Canada Sports Hall of Fame 2012 We were so thankful to have Jamie join us for the entire weekend of 50th celebrations in Banff the May. 😊 #Niftyniftylookwhosfifty #50andfabulous #fiftyyearsonice #fbf #50yearsonice #awalkdownmemorylane
  • You get that birthday brownie, @kaetkiss 💝 Sending BIG birthday wishes from your Section family. Enjoy your day, Champ! Repost from @kaetkiss - Birthdays are good for me. Statistics show that the more I have the longer I live. . . It’s my birthday and I plan to spend it eating brownies and reading! . . 📸: @barbaraannsolomon #cozybirthday #deliciousbrownie #lazyday #birthday #happybirthdaytome
  • Way to go! Both Matthew and Brian are moving on to the Canadian Championships. And we’re super proud of our 3 beautiful Senior Women who fought hard today! Aanndd thats a wrap on #challenge20 #proudsection #mascotlife ✌🏻
  • BRONZE Baby! 🥉congratulations to Matthew Newnham for an outstanding third place finish in the Junior Mens event today! #proudsection #challenge20
  • Saturday’s vibes... Haley Gillett will join Kaiya Ruiter at Canadians in January! Proud of all of our Junior ladies! Our Pre-Novice dancers had a fantastic competition, and we can’t wait to see what Sunday’s free program brings for our Senior Women #proudsection #challenge20
  • GOLD 🥇 The Yu’s capped off a fantastic night for us at Skate Canada Challenge! Way to go Emma & Daniel in the Pre-Novice Dance event! #proudsection #challenge20