• As @2020airdrie comes to a close, we wish to acknowledge and THANK the 8 coaches and 8 chaperones who accompanied the skaters this weekend. You all have hearts of gold and your enthusiasm, guidance, and support was appreciated by everyone! Zone coaches from left to right Cheryl Jobson Zone 8 Rachelle Rupp Zone 7 Antoinette Hempel Zone 6 Kelly Nagle Zone 5 Aimbree Bystrom Zone 4 Kristin Raychert Zone 3 Kendra Domenico Zone 2 Shaelin Westerson Zone 1
  • Over 30 young men from all over the Section had the opportunity to train with Canadian 🥉 Medalist @sk8erkeeg and coach Ralph Burghart. All smiles at the end of day two. Thanks guys for an inspiring weekend of training! #brianpockarmaleseminar #blackboots #learningfromthebest
  • Big congrats to the Novice Women’s podium! 🥇 Michelle Deng, Zone 6 🥈 Milara Okabe, Zone 2 🥉 Kieryn McHale, Zone 1 @2020airdrie
  • Way to go, Pre-Novice Women! 🥇 Juliette Thievin, Zone 5 🥈 Anjou Karino, Zone 3 🥉 Addison Pehl, Zone 5 @2020airdrie
  • Congratulations to our Juvenile Ladies podium! 👏🏻 🥇Emerson Hill, Zone 5 🥈Hailey Diep, Zone 6 🥉 Mica Kostenuk, Zone 3 @2020airdrie
  • More BTS from the Games! All smiles, friendships, memories, and of course, great skating! @2020airdrie