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  • Annual Member Survey! We want to hear from clubs, skating schools, parents, coaches, officials, skaters, volunteers and more! Provide your thoughts and feedback about the services and support you received during the 2018-2019 season. Last day to complete the survey is April 18. Information and survey is on our website
  • We are so honoured to have special guest Chris Koch join us at the ACGM on May 5, 2019 to share his journey and spread his message of “If I Can...” Take advantage of our full conference package or banquet/closing keynote package by April 18. Visit our website for the complete details. #sectionACGM #50yearsonice #beinspired
  • Do you want to discover your true dream or purpose? Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt and worry and move towards your goals with confidence? Take advantage of our morning conference package at the Section ACGM on May 4,2019 in Banff and be inspired by our very own Jamie Salé! Last day to register is April 18. Visit our website for the complete details. #sectionACGM #50yearsonice #beinspired
  • In honour of our 50th Anniversary this year, Section will be flashing back through some of our favourite memories! In 1985-86 the St. Albert "Shadows" were a novice synchro team. Do you know which Section staff member is front and centre in this pic? #Niftyniftylookwhosfifty #50andfabulous #fiftyyearsonice #fbf #50yearsonice #awalkdownmemorylane
  • Cheering hard for Keegan Messing and the entire Team Canada at World Team Trophy this week!
  • Cheering hard from home for both 🇨🇦 teams heading to Helsinki for the ISU World Synchro Championships! Good luck to @novasenior and @nexxicesr ! Special shout out to @nyahbay and @em_daig who skate with Nexxice, and their Handmaid’s Tale free program choreographer, our Shae Zukiwsky! Go get ‘em Teams! #proudsection