Synchronized Skating Monitoring

We invite synchro teams to submit videos of your programs, portions of programs, skills, or elements you are working on for feedback from a panel of officials from the Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Section. Even if you are not choreographing a program this season, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity (free of charge) as an investment in the growth and development of your team(s) for future seasons.

This year’s program will run from Monday November 16, 2020 until January 31, 2021. You may submit multiple videos of your programs, skills, elements, etc. Videos will be reviewed by a team of officials and a summary of their feedback will be sent within 7 days for your first submission. Subsequent submissions may not be returned as quickly, depending on the volume received.

We will endeavor to monitor all videos. However, if time becomes limited, priority will be given as follows:
1. Skate Canada Alberta-NWT-Nunavut teams
2. Teams from other Sections
Teams will be notified if your submission(s) cannot be reviewed.

1. YouTube -

a. Create an account on YouTube.
b. Upload your video.
c. Set your video to "Unlisted." This means that only people who have the link can view the video, but it will not show up publicly on your YouTube channel.

2. Click here to submit the form:

Video submissions must have been recorded during practice sessions in the 2020-21 season. We recommend recording a team from where a judging panel would sit (close enough to see footwork sequences but with a wide enough view to see as much of the team as possible). Try to get the best quality video you can; poor video quality will impact the feedback we are able to provide. If you have specific questions regarding certain elements or rules, please include these in your form.
Lisa Bonderove or Chelsey Schaffel