Inclusive and Adaptive Skating Funding

Creating Opportunities for Skaters with a Disability

Section is offering funding support to increase opportunities for skaters with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. The focus of this initiative is to assist clubs with their capacity to include and develop skaters with these disabilities.  Funding through our program gives clubs the opportunity to access financial assistance for areas such as (but not limited to) coaching support, club support, and adaptive equipment support.

The objectives are to:

  1. Raise awareness of the principles of inclusive and adaptive skating.
  2. Create opportunities for skaters with sensory, physical and/or cognitive disabilities to participate in skating through club-based initiatives.
  3. Increase the capacity of Section clubs to include and develop skaters with sensory, physical and/or cognitive disabilities through club-based initiatives.

Funds may be allocated in the following areas:

  1. Coaching Support (for example, costs of additional coaches or Program Assistants required)
  2. Adaptive Equipment (for example, on-ice frames or walkers) * structural items like ramps should be investigated through the club’s facility and municipality, not this grant.
  3. Club Event Support (for example a club competition, simulation, or performance opportunity)
  4. Competition Support (for example, to attend competitions within Skate AB NT NU)
  5. Club General Support (for example, specialized teaching aids, Skate Canada membership fees for participants and/or their personal aids, program, or ice costs)
  6. Other

Application Deadlines:

  1. October 15, 2023
  2. January 22, 2024

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