Our Vision:

Inspiring everyone to experience the joy of skating and pursuit of personal achievements.


Our Mission:

Skate AB I NT I NU will support and promote excellence in the delivery of safe, inclusive, quality skating programs, events and developmental opportunities for all levels of skating.


We work collaboratively to build positive skater-focused relationships.
We value coaches as critical to sport development, and central to the athletic experience.
We value officials and the impact they have in the development of the sport for the benefit of all.
We value volunteers for their support and service to the sport of skating and community.

We foster each individual’s ability to achieve their skating potential and personal goals. We strive to make a difference (as individuals, clubs, skating schools, and as an organization), ensuring value in everything we do for a positive, fun, and fulfilling experience.

We provide a safe sport environment that is welcoming and respectful for everyone, and that encourages equity and diversity.

We commit to professional, respectful, accountable, and ethical conduct, ensuring fairness and impartiality for all.