Home Events 2015 STARSkate and Adult Championships – Results

2015 STARSkate and Adult Championships – Results

2015 STARSkate and Adult Championships – Results

 Event  Category  Detail Results
Bronze Men Interpretive 2015SSC01a 2015SSC01
Bronze Women Interpretive 2015SSC02a 2015SSC02
Bronze Women Adult Interpretive 2015SSC03a 2015SSC03
Bronze Women Adult FS 2015SSC04a  2015SSC04
Bronze Women Triathlon Creative Skating Skills 2015SSC05aa 
 Interpretive 2015SSC05bb 2015SSC05b
 Free Skate 2015SSC05cc  2015SSC05c
 Overall 2015SSC05
Silver Women Interpretive 2015SSC06a  2015SSC06 
 Silver Women Adult FS 2015SSC07a  2015SSC07
 Silver Women Triathlon Creative Skating Skills 2015SSC08aa  2015SSC08a
Interpretive 2015SSC08bb  2015SSC08b
Free Skate 2015SSC08cc 2015SSC08c
Overall 2015SSC08
Gold Women Interpretive 2015SSC09a 2015SSC09
Gold Women Adult Interpretive 2015SSC10a  2015SSC10
Gold Women FS 2015SSC11a 2015SSC11 
Gold Women Triathlon  Creative Skating Skills 2015SSC12aa  2015SSC12a
 Interpretive 2015SSC12bb 2015SSC12b 
 Free Skate 2015SSC12cc 2015SSC12c
Overall 2015SSC12
Competitive Women Adult FS 2015SSC13a 2015SSC13
Masters Women Adult FS 2015SSC14a 2015SSC14
Intro Women Interpretive 2015SSC15a 2015SSC15 
Intro Women Adult Interpretive 2015SSC16a 2015SSC16
Pre-Intro Women Adult Interpretive 2015SSC17a  2015SSC17
Sr. Bronze Men FS 2015SSC18a 2015SSC18 
Sr. Bronze Women FS 2015SSC19a 2015SSC19
Sr. Silver Women FS 2015SSC20a 2015SSC20
Jr. Silver Women FS 2015SSC21a 2015SSC21
STAR 5 Girls (U10) 2015SSC22a 2015SSC22
STAR 5 Girls (U13) 2015SSC23a 2015SSC23
STAR 5 Boys (13&O) 2015SSC24a 2015SSC24
STAR 5 Girls (13&O) 2015SSC25a 2015SSC25
Special Olympics Level 1 2015SSC26
Special Olympics Level 2  2015SSC27
Special Olympics Level 3  2015SSC28
Special Olympics Level 4  2015SSC29


 Category  Skater Detail  Results
 Adult SYS III Synchro IF2015Adult-SYS-III  IF2015Adult-SYS-III
 Adult SYS II Synchro IF2015Adult-SYS-II IF2015Adult-SYS-II
 Adult SYS I Synchro IF2015Adult-SYS-I IF2015Adult-SYS-I
 Beginner II Synchro IF2015Beginner-II IF2015Beginner-II
 Beginner I Synchro IF2015Beginner
 Elementary Synchro IF2015Elementary  IF2015Elementary
 Intermediate Synchro IF2015Intermediate IF2015Intermediate
 Juvenile Synchro IF2015Juvenile IF2015Juvenile
 Open Synchro IF2015Open IF2015Open
 Pre-Novice Synchro IF2015Pre-Novice IF2015Pre-Novice

The event is finished.


Mar 06 - 08 2015