CanSkate Element Events

As CanSkate Element Events were designed for CanSkaters, to incorporate the transition from CanSkate to STARSkate, the following guidelines are to be followed when offering a CanSkate Element Event:

  • CanSkate Stage 1 – 6 will follow the CanSkate Element Event Technical Package  Once you have clicked onto the CanSkate Element Event Technical Package link, click on: CanSkate Material. A zip file will open with resource materials and the Technical Package for you to use.
  • For any type of element, spin/spiral/jump and team event categories, skaters must not have passed any portion of the complete Preliminary Freeskate test or the equivalent STAR assessment
  • For any type of dance and skating skills categories, skaters must not have passed any of the Preliminary Dance tests or Preliminary Skating Skills test or the equivalent STAR assessment
  • Creative expression/creative improv – no restrictions on test/assessment levels
  • Showcase skaters must not have passed the Intro Interpretive test
  • Music is permitted only for creative improv, showcase, team or dance type events.

To distinguish between CanSkate Element Events and competitions,  the following terminology is to be used:

  • Competition or Championships = Event
  • Competitors = Skaters
  • Judges= Assessors
  • Tech Rep = Event Lead
  • Competition Chair Person = Club Event Contact
  • No reference to STAR or STARSkate can be utilized
CanSkate Element Event Sanction Form

Upcoming CanSkate Element Events

Events being hosted around the Section will be posted as they become available. If your club is hosting a Canskate Element Event, once your event is approved by the Section Office, please email your announcement /event details to to have it posted here on the website.

Winter Wonderland – Olds Fun Skate – Feb. 1, 2020

Mannville Momentum – Mar. 1, 2020

Going for Gold, 2020 Banff Fun Skate Event – Mar. 15, 2020

Sparkling Etoile  Fun Skate – Mar. 21, 2020 – hosted by Beaumont Figure Skating Club