Technical Information 

Adult Technical Requirements Guide

2020-2021 Adult Program Requirements Guide

STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit

STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit
This link provides information about: tops and learning activities, equivalency chart, on and off ice strategies, descriptions and standards, training tips, music playlists, assessment procedures and tips and more!

ISU Clarification Documents and Handbooks

Pairs - Oct. 28, 2019
ISU Updated Singles and Pairs Documents - Aug. 3, 2019
ISU Communication 2270 - Synchronized Skating - Aug. 3, 2019
ISU Clarification on Synchronized Skating Collisions - Feb. 5, 2020

Ice Dance Information for coaches and technical panel officials - Aug. 2, 2019
Senior Pair Death Spiral Identification Memo - Aug. 9, 2019

2020-2021 Ice Dance Handbooks

ISU Technical Panel Handbook - Ice Dance
ISU Referees and Judges Handbook  - Ice Dance
Grade of Execution of Required Elements
Grade of Execution of Pattern Dance Elements
Handbook  for Referees & Judges
Deductions: Who is responsible? - Novice
Deductions:  Who is responsible? - Jr. & Sr. 
Program Component Chart
Handbook for Ice Dance Officials
Handbook for Technical Panels

All sport technical documentation related to Ice Dance and all Skate Canada programs and disciplines can be found through the Skate Canada Competitions Resource Guide.

2020 - 2021 Competitive Program Requirements 

Singles Program Requirements -  July 22, 2020

Singles Technical Requirements Guide - July 22, 2020

Ice Dance Program Requirements Quick Reference Guide  - Updated July 22, 2020

Ice Dance Technical Requirements Guide - July 22, 2020

Pairs Program Requirements Quick Reference Guide - Updated Dec. 4, 2020 with revised ISU definition of a Group 1 Lift

Pairs Technical Requirements Guide - Updated Sept. 28, 2020 with a new Pair Pivot Figure definition

Scale of Values Tables

Scale of Values Tables - July 22, 2020

STAR 6 – Gold   (Timeline Update)

Click here to view the STAR 6-Gold Update (Posted January 22, 2020)

Click here to view the STAR 6-Gold Timeline Update  Information

Click here to view a video of  an update for the STAR 6 – Gold Evaluator training program.

Planned Program Sheet Submission

You will be required to submit a new planned program sheet for each season. The planned program sheet can be filled out through Uplifter when you register for your first event. You will only need to update your planned program sheet if your elements on either segment (Short or Free) or the Category Level (ie: Pre-Juvenile vs STAR 6) has changed from your previous submission. The most current dated, complete submission will always be used for an event. Element codes for the planned program sheet can be found in the FAQ sheet linked below.

Reminder: These are category specific; therefore, if you are switching between STAR and Competitive categories, you need to submit separate planned program sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions: Planned Program Sheet FAQ