Technical Information 

Minimum Technical Element Scores for 2020 Sectional Championships

Minimum TES for 2020 Sectional Championships (Updated: June 26, 2019)

Procedure for Filling Challenge Entries

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STAR Competition Requirement Guide

2019-2020 STAR Program Requirements Guide

Adult Technical Requirements Guide

Adult Technical Requirements Guide

Special Olympics Program Requirements

Special Olympics Technical Program Requirements

STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit

STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit
This link provides information about: tops and learning activities, equivalency chart, on and off ice strategies, descriptions and standards, training tips, music playlists, assessment procedures and tips and more!

STAR 6 – Gold   (Timeline Update)

Click here to view the STAR 6-Gold Update (Posted January 22, 2020)

Click here to view the STAR 6-Gold Timeline Update  Information

Click here to view a video of  an update for the STAR 6 – Gold Evaluatior training program.

Planned Program Sheet Submission

You will be required to submit a new planned program sheet for the start of the 2018-2019 season.  Once you have submitted a planned program for your first event, you will only need to re-submit if your elements on either segment (Short or Free) or the Category Level (ie: Pre-Juvenile vs STAR 6) has changed from your previous submission.  The most current dated, complete submission will always be used for an event.

Reminder: These are category specific; therefore, if you are switching between STAR and Competitive categories, you need to submit separate planned program sheets.

Submit Your Planned Program Sheet:  Planned Program Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions: Planned Program Sheet FAQ