Section Officials Information

2016-2017 Competition Grid & Tech Rep Assignments

Click here to view the 2016-2017 Section Competition Grid with Tech Rep Assignments.

Officials Training Expense Procedure

Click here for the Officials Training Expense Procedure [As of: June 25, 2016]

OAP Webinar

To view the Skate Canada Officials Webinar click here.

Evaluator/Judges Information

Next Steps to a Judge Promotion [As of: September, 2016]
Next Steps to an Evaluator Promotion [As of: May 25, 2017]
Reflection Form for Trial Judges/Judges [As of: July 20, 2016]
Trial Judge/Judge Detailed Assessment of Judging Performance – All Disciplines [As of: September 23, 2016]
Supervised Trial Evaluator Assessment Form [As of: August 8, 2016]
Judge & Technical Panel Official Monitoring Guidelines [As of: October 11, 2016]
Evaluator, Judge and Technical Panel Officials Mentoring Procedures [As of: October 2016]

Officials Assignment Criteria

Click here for information on Officials Assignment Criteria [As of: December 16, 2015]

Performance Management Procedure

Click here for information on the Officials Performance Management Procedure [As of: December 16, 2015]

Officials Coordinating Committee Members

OCC Chair – Jennifer Betts

OCC Vice Chair – VACANT

Technical Panel Representative – Brenda Hart

Evaluator/Judges Representative – Brenda Hart

Data Specialists Representative – Elaine Dyck

Synchronized Skating Officials Representative – Holly Mayer

Member at Large – Lynne Dey

OCC Terms of Reference