Test Day Information

Resources on How to Plan and Organize Low and High Test Days

Section Test Administration Procedures and High Test Application Form (Updated: January 12, 2017)
2016-2017 Test Day Scenarios and Changes At A Glance (Updated: September 15, 2016)
Test Day Compliance Procedure (Updated: September 15, 2016)
Dance Partner Directory (Updated: September 20, 2016)
How to Determine Test Fees (Updated: November 2016)
Gold Challenge Interpretive Test Application Form [Updated: February 8, 2016]
Explanation of Test Fees for Challenge Tests (Posted December 19, 2016)
STARSkate Test Codes (Updated: September 2016)
STARSkate Test Fees (Updated: September 2016)
Test Scheduling Guidelines
Coding & Process for Gold Free Skate, Interpretive, Pattern Challenge Tests

STAR 1 – 5 Coach Assessed Test

STAR 1 – 5 Resource Toolkit
STAR 1 – 5 Frequently Asked Questions
STAR 1 – 5 Test Chair Guide for Coach Assessed Test.
STAR 1 – 5 Assessment Codes and Fees

High/Low Test Day Schedule

Summer 2017 High Test Day Schedule (Posted June 7, 2017)

Note: Please submit any upcoming Low Test Days to info@skateabnwtnun.ca to be added to the calendar.

For information on the test day, please contact the Region High Test Coordinator for each region.

Award of Merit Certificate – Template Available
The Award of Merit certificate that is presented to a skater along with the gold pin once a gold level test certification has been achieved is now available in the Info Centre as a printable template. As Skate Canada is no longer mailing this award to our organizations for distribution to skaters, clubs/skating schools can now access this template by logging into info.skatecanada.ca and clicking on Programs > STARSkate Program > Award of Merit Certificate. Please note that the template for the Award of Merit certificate is available as an interim measure while the STARSkate Program is under review. Certificates for passing individual tests have been discontinued.

The gold test pins that accompany the Award of Merit remain available but must be requested by the club/skating school by sending an e-mail to info@skatecanada.ca. Please ensure to include the amount and type of gold test pin(s) needed.

Test Day Sheets

Test Summary Sheet
Test Submission Information 

Visit the Skate Canada Info Centre to view the most current test sheets for all categories.

Online Test Entry Now Available

Test chairs who have administrative access to the Membership Site can now submit test results online. More information is available under Test Information in the Club and Skating School Administrator Handbook that is posted on the Skate Canada Info Centre.
Note: Paper test summary sheets will continue to be accepted.

Dance FreeSkate
Prel Dance Test Sheet
Jr Bronze Dance Test Sheet
Sr Bronze Dance Test Sheet
Jr Silv Dance Test Sheet
Sr Silver Dance Test Sheet
Gold Dance Test Sheet
Diamond Dance Test Sheet
Prel Free Skate Test Sheet
Jr Bronze Free Skate Test Sheet
Sr Bronze Free Skate Test Sheet
Jr Silver Free Skate Test Sheet
Sr Silver Free Skate Test Sheet
Gold Free Skate Test Sheet
Interpretive  Skills
Interpretive Couples Test Sheet
Interpretive Singles Test Sheet
Prel Skating Skills Test Sheet
Jr Bronze Skating Skills Test Sheet
Sr Bronze Skating Skills Test Sheet
Jr Silver Skating Skills Test Sheet
Sr Silver Skating Skills Test Sheet
Gold Skating Skills Test Sheet


  • Copy #1 – The Original Summary Sheets must be mailed to National Office within one (1) week of your Test Day with the cheque for the test fees. (Skate Canada National Office, Box 15, 261-1200 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8) NEW THIS YEAR: Test chairs who have administrative access to the Membership Site can now submit test results online. Test summary sheets sent to Skate Canada will only be kept up to 90 days after the end of each fiscal year.  Clubs can now enter the results for test days online by going to the Skate Canada website and following the prompts.  As well, clubs can pay the test fees online.  If entering the results online, clubs do not need to send a copy of the summary sheet to National Office.  The only other requirement is to keep the original summary sheets for all the clubs attending the test day as well as sending a copy of the other club’s results to the appropriate club.  It is no longer an expectation to send a copy of the test results to the section office and no longer an expectation to send a copy to Marg Andriuk.
  • Copy #2 – An additional copy of the Summary Sheet should be sent to the Home Club(s) of participating skaters
  • Copy #3 – The Host club must retain a copy of ALL the summary sheets, from all the Clubs attending the test day.

Region High Test Coordinators/Section Test Administrator

Submit your club/region high test day requests to your Region High Test Coordinator

Edmonton Region: Cindy Law

North East Region: Bonnie Smyl

Calgary Region: Heather Glazier

Central Region: Charlene Brosinsky

North West Region: Karli Wilson

Peace Region: Jennifer Seward

South Region: Tanya Whipple

Northwest Territories: Vacant – Please contact info@skateabnwtnun.ca for information.

Section Test Administrator: Bev Salomons