Resources on How to Plan and Organize Test Days

STAR 1-5 Coach Assessed Tests

Test Day Calendar

Please submit any upcoming Test Days to to be added to the calendar.

2017-2018 Test Day Calendar- Intermediate and High-As of Nov 30, 2017

For information on the test day, please contact the Region High Test Coordinator for each region.

Test Day Sheets and Summary Sheets

Test Summary Sheets: are to be downloaded from the Skate Canada Membership Site. Once signed into the membership site, select Org Management>Submit Skating Test Results page

Visit the Skate Canada Info Centre to view the most current test sheets for all categories.

Online Test Entry 

Test chairs who have administrative access to the Membership Site can now submit test results online. 


  • Copy #1 – The Original Summary Sheets must be mailed to National Office within one (1) week of your Test Day with the cheque for the test fees. (Skate Canada National Office, Box 15, 261-1200 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8) Test chairs who have administrative access to the Membership Site can now submit test results online. Test summary sheets sent to Skate Canada will only be kept up to 90 days after the end of each fiscal year.  Clubs can now enter the results for test days online by going to the Skate Canada website and following the prompts.  As well, clubs can pay the test fees online.  If entering the results online, clubs do not need to send a copy of the summary sheet to National Office.  The only other requirement is to keep the original summary sheets for all the clubs attending the test day as well as sending a copy of the other club’s results to the appropriate club.  It is no longer an expectation to send a copy of the test results to the section office and no longer an expectation to send a copy to Marg Andriuk.
  • Copy #2 – An additional copy of the Summary Sheet should be sent to the Home Club(s) of participating skaters
  • Copy #3 – The Host club must retain a copy of ALL the summary sheets, from all the Clubs attending the test day.

Contacts: Region High Test Coordinators/Section Test Administrator

Submit your club/region high test day requests to your Region High Test Coordinator

Edmonton Region: Cindy Law

North East Region: Bonnie Smyl

Calgary Region: Heather Glazier

Central Region: Charlene Brosinsky

North West Region: Karli Wilson

Peace Region: Jennifer Seward

South Region: Tanya Whipple

Northwest Territories: Vacant – Please contact for information.

Section Test Administrator: Bev Salomons