Technical Information 

Minimum Technical Element Scores for 2020 Sectional Championships

Minimum TES for 2020 Sectional Championships (Updated: June 26, 2019)

Procedure for Filling Challenge Entries

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STAR Competition Requirement Guide

2019-2020 STAR Program Requirements Guide

Adult Technical Requirements Guide

Adult Technical Requirements Guide

Special Olympics Program Requirements

Special Olympics Technical Program Requirements

STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit

STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit
This link provides information about: tops and learning activities, equivalency chart, on and off ice strategies, descriptions and standards, training tips, music playlists, assessment procedures and tips and more!

Planned Program Sheet Submission

You will be required to submit a new planned program sheet for the start of the 2018-2019 season.  Once you have submitted a planned program for your first event, you will only need to re-submit if your elements on either segment (Short or Free) or the Category Level (ie: Pre-Juvenile vs STAR 6) has changed from your previous submission.  The most current dated, complete submission will always be used for an event.

Reminder: These are category specific; therefore, if you are switching between STAR and Competitive categories, you need to submit separate planned program sheets.

Submit Your Planned Program Sheet:  Planned Program Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions: Planned Program Sheet FAQ